Multiple Jobs in GEO TV

GEO is a people’s organization. The ‘GEO Way’ recognizes that it’s the team that makes all the difference and difference is what we are about. GEO helps train and develop its team and constantly monitors the potential and skill growth of its entire team. By working closely, in an environment of transparency and accessibility GEO has forged a unique spirit of belonging, ownership and comradeship in its staff. 

Geo TV require the services of
  • Trainee
  • Business Reporter
  • Associate Producer / Producer
  • Coordinator / Researcher
  • Head of International Desk
  • Assignment Editors
  • Researcher
  • P.D trainees
  • Anchors/Hosts/Program Presenters
  • News Producers
  • Reporters
  • Cameraman
  • Translators
  • Business News Analysts
  • Trainee Brand Creator
  • Research Analyst
  • Producers Entertainment Programming
  • Hosts/Program Presenters
  • Art Directors/Production Designer
  • Creative Manager
  • Associate Production Managers
And many more job openings in GEO TV

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